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Caroline Acton Oral Surgery

86 MacGregor Terrace, Bardon, Brisbane, QLD 4065

Telephone: (07) 3367 1899
Facsimile: (07) 3367 1889

Parking around CAOS in Bardon is close, easy and free of charge.

The best places to park within easy walking distance of our surgery are as follows:

Off Street Parking:

There is a public car park opposite our Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery on the corner of Simpsons Road and MacGregor Terrace that is completely free of charge, easy to find and a one minute walk away.  The car park entrance is in Simpsons Road and there are ample spaces for your convenience.  Some spaces are time limited to 3 hours, however; this is more than enough time for your consultation appointment with Dr Acton.

If the car park is full (extremely rare), please see below for on street parking options, all of which are also free of charge and very close to CAOS.

On Street Parking:

Coming From Northside:
Proceed along Jubilee Terrace to Bardon, at the top of the hill there are multiple options which include:

– Turn right into Simpsons Road for street parking.
– Turn right into Northam Avenue off Jubilee Terrace for street parking.
– Turn left into MacGregor Terrace and there is parking opposite our surgery, however; this is strictly one hour parking between 8am-5pm Mon-Fri. This option is fine for a consultation as we run on-time.  Your time is very important to us.
– Continue down MacGregor Terrace and turn left into Rockbourne Terrace where street parking is available (walk is approximately two to three minutes to our surgery).

If you drive past the surgery don’t worry, there is a roundabout at the junction of MacGregor and Latrobe Terraces that you can go around to come back.

Coming From Southside:
Proceed along MacGregor or Latrobe Terrace to Bardon, after passing the roundabout at the intersection of Latrobe and MacGregor Terraces, the options include:

– Turn right into Rockbourne Terrace where street parking is available (walk is approximately two to three minutes to our surgery).
– Continue along MacGregor Terrace to the surgery, turn left into Simpsons Road where a public car park and street parking is available.
– Turn left into Coopers Camp Road (past the traffic lights) for street parking.
– Turn left into Northam Avenue for street parking.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to advise you accordingly.